Chemical Composition of the Human Body

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The table below shows the approximate quantities of the chemical elements present in an average 70kg man.

Element            Amount / kg Amount / Mol.

Oxygen   43 2700
Carbon 16 1300
Hydrogen 7 7000
Nitrogen 1 .8130
Calcium 1 .025
Phosphorus 0 .7825
Sulphur 0.144.4
Potassium 0.143.6
Sodium 0.104.3
Chlorine 0.0952.7
Magnesium 0.0190.78
Silicon 0.0180.64
Iron 0.00420.075
Fluorine 0.00260.14
Zinc 0.00230.035
Rubidium 0.000320.0037
Strontium 0.000320.0037
Bromine 0.000200.0025
Lead 0.000120.00058
Copper 0.0000720.0011
Aluminium 0.0000610.0023
Cadmium 0.0000500.00044
Boron < 0 .0000480.0044
Barium 0.0000220.00016
Tin < 0 .0000170.00014
Iodine 0 .0000130.00010
Manganese 0 .0000120.00022
Nickel 0 .0000100.00017
Gold < 0 .0000100.000051
Molybdenum< 0.00000930.000097
Chromium < 0 .00000180.000035
Caesium 0 .00000150.000011
Cobalt 0 .00000150.000025
Uranium 0 .000000090.00000038
Beryllium 0 .0000000360.0000040
Radium 3.1×10-141.4×10-13
Chemical composition of the human body by mass
Pie chart showing chemical composition of human body by mass

Based on data from the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 79th Edition
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