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This calculator allows you to convert between Cartesian, polar and cylindrical coordinates.

  1. Choose the source and destination coordinate systems from the drop down menus.

  2. Select the appropriate separator: comma, semicolon, space or tab (use tab to paste data directly from/to spreadsheets).

  3. Enter your data in the left hand box with each coordinate separated by either a comma, semicolon, space or tab and each point on a new line. E.g:
    X1, Y1, Z1
    X2, Y2, Z2

  4. If appropriate, choose whether you want angles to be measured in radians or degrees

  5. Press the Calculate button

Note on Spherical Coordinates:

The Spherical 3D (r, θ, Φ) ISO 8000-2 option uses the convention specified in ISO 8000-2:2009, which is often used in physics, where θ is inclination (angle from the z-axis) and φ is azimuth (angle from the x-axis in the x-y plane). This differs from the convention often used in mathematics where θ is azimuth and φ is inclination. The coordinates usually are still written (r, θ, φ) but with the meaning of θ and φ swapped. It is therefore necessary to make sure you understand which convention is being used when working in polar spherical coordinates.

Angles in:


     coordinate separator:

 , comma
 ; semicolon

     number of significant figures


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