Wind Power Calculator

This calculator calculates the power output of a horizontal axis wind turbine given blade diameter and windspeed. This calculator can also calculate the size or windspeed required for a given power output

Enter the numbers you know in any one of the units then calculate the number you want

turbine diameter  meters
Wind speed mph
Power In the Wind 1  Watts
Power Output (Ideal Turbine 2)   Watts
Power Output (Real Turbine 3)   Watts


  1. Power in the wind is the total kinetic energy in the wind which crosses the rotors every second.

  2. Power output of a theoretically perfect turbine which has an efficiency equal to the Betz limit (59.3%).

  3. Power output of a turbine with a 40% efficiency. This is more typical of real turbines. A very good turbine may do slightly better and a not so good one will be worse.