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The table below shows the Greek alphabet, which is often used for in equations. The table also shows the representation of these characters in HTML and LaTeX, a typesetting system which includes features for the production of technical and scientific documentation.

Name  Symbol   HTML  LaTeXSymbol  HTML  LaTeX  
Alpha Α Α A    α α\alpha
Beta Β Β B β β \beta
Gamma Γ Γ \Gamma γ γ\gamma
Delta Δ Δ \Delta δ δ\delta
EpsilonΕ Ε E ε ε \epsilon
Zeta Ζ Ζ Z ζ ζ \zeta
Eta Η Η H η η \eta
Theta Θ Θ \Theta θ θ\theta
Iota Ι Ι I ι ι \iota
Kappa Κ Κ K κ κ\kappa
Lambda Λ Λ \Lambda λ λ \lambda
Mu Μ Μ M μ μ \mu
Nu Ν Ν N ν ν \nu
Xi Ξ Ξ \Xi ξ ξ \xi
Omicron Ο Ο O ο ο o
Pi Π Π \Pi π π \pi
Rho Ρ Ρ P ρ ρ \rho
Sigma Σ Σ \Sigma σ σ\sigma
Tau Τ Τ T τ τ \tau
Upsilon Υ Υ \Upsilon υ υ \upsilon
Phi Φ Φ \Phi φ φ \phi
Chi Χ Χ X χ χ \chi
Psi Ψ Ψ \Psi ψ ψ \psi
Omega Ω Ω \Omega ω ω \omega

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