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This calculator finds the nearest industry standard value for electronic components (e.g. resistors, capacitors and inductors). To use the calculator simply enter the value you want in the Enter Ideal Value box. The nearest preferred value should then appear as you type ( if it doesn't check that you haven't blocked Javascript).

Enter Ideal Value:

Series Value Error % Error
E3 %
E6 %
E12 %
E24 %
E48 %
E96 %
E192 %

Examples of the types of component likely to be available for each preferred series are given below:

E3Typically used for high value, low precision capacitors, e.g. electrolytics and Y5V ceramic capacitors
E6Typically used for tantalum capacitors
E12Typically used for capacitors, such as X7R ceramic, and ordinary resistors
E24Typically used higher precision capacitors, such as C0G ceramic, and ordinary resistors
E48Precision resistors
E96Precision resistors
E192Precision resistors

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