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Enter known values then click on the appropriate Calculate button. Clicking Calculate R1 and R2 will find the optimum pair of resistors from the selected range of preferred values, for a given Vin and Vout.

    schematic diagram of potential divider    
Preferred Value Series: E6    E12    E24    E48    E96   
Resistor Tolerance: 5%    1%    0.5%   0.1%   Other %
Which voltage is fixed?: Vin    Vout   
Voltage Tolerance:

5%    1%    0.5%    0%   Other %

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Ideal Values
Vin V
Vout V

Real Values
Maximum        Typical        Minimum
Vin V         Vin V         Vin V
Vout V         Vout V         Vout V
R1         R1         R1
R2         R2         R2
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